Volume is no problem!

Honey Droplet has no problem with manufacturing small or high volume for smaller boutique companies or large corporations. We can supply as little as 3,000 units or as much as 120,000,000 units!


    Create Your Own

Let's Talk Flavor!

We have thousands of natural flavors using fresh herbs, spices, fruits, and vegetables, with 100.00% pure raw honey. Our Honey Droplet team are experts at creating new products such as lozenges or healthy candy so let’s get creative and create something new and exciting for your customers!

We offer our customers thousands of natural flavors and the opportunity to create their very own, original Honey Droplet for schools,supermarkets, health-food stores, professional sports clubs, pharmacies, drug stores, and hospitals, calling it their very own!.

Honey Droplets are absolutely, 100.00% pure and natural, so you can be sure that we will never add sugar, colors, flavors, additives, maltodextin, trehalose, and is Non-GMO.