Our parent company “BeeK commenced commercial operations in 1957 producing a number of native honeys. In 1972 we were approached by the medical industry and asked if you could create a 100.00% solid honey lozenge which would not melt in warm weather, 18months later we had created the world’s first 100.00% solid honey lozenge which did not melt in warm wearther and by 1975 we had patented our technology around the world including Canada, USA, UK, Japan and Switzerland. Over the years we have received many prestigious awards such as Best Invented Award and the Distinguished Inventors Award. Since then we have supplied Schools, Supermarkets, Health-food stores, Professional sports clubs, Pharmacies, Drug stores, and Hospitals with amazing results and pleasure from our customers. We have dedicated our lives to produce the world’s healthiest Honey Droplet lozenge and healthy candy. We have enjoyed every year and continue to be the world’s leader in solid honey innovation and development. In 2013 we launched our new innovated solid honey technology which can comfortably manufacture 120,000,000 Honey lozenges or healthy candy annually and have the ability to double or triple production if needed.

   Our History